Photos from the Chapbook Launch & Public Reading

What a night! Congratulations to Keaton, Robin, Erica, and Alex! And, of course, their amazing publishers in Charlotte Howe’s Publication Studies class!

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Chapbook Launch & Public Reading

You’re invited to the debut of our winning and finalist chapbooks from the 2013-14 SLCC Chapbook Contest!

Thursday, May 1, 5-7 pm, in the Cultural Commons, 1st floor of the Academic and Administration Building, Redwood Campus

We’ll have good food, good conversation, and voila! Newly published chapbooks by Keaton Charles Butler, Robin Glassey, Alex Maughan, and Erika Smith.

We hope you’ll join us. Take home your own free copy of the winning chapbook.


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This is Us


This is us. Publication Studies, Salt Lake Community College, Spring 2014. Our mission is to learn as much about publication as we can through publishing and promoting a chapbook of a manuscript ourselves. None of us have ever done anything like it.

The manuscript, winner of the annual Salt Lake Community College annual chapbook competition, is called “My Life as a Human,” a lyrical, fantastical, episodic story by Keaton Charles Butler. It deserves recognition. While it may remind a reader of other tales in one way or another, you’ve never read anything like it.

We’re excited about the book we’re cutting our teeth on, but we’re also breaking into teams to publish smaller editions of the chapbook competition’s three runners up: “The Least of Elves,” by Robin Glassey, “Non Compos Mentis,” by Erika Lynne Smith, and “The Adventures of Lixin,” by Alex Maughan.

Join us as we chart our mistakes and our successes, all of it culminating in the triumph of four published books and a public reading event.

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Binding & Trimming Books


Becca and Kat hard at work using the perfect binder and the scary industrial cutter to bind and trim Keaton’s books.

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Does Anyone Else Feel Like We Are Sprinting to the Finish Line?

Is it just me or are the days getting shorter? There is still so much to do and not much time left to do it! We have moved from having these great ideas of things we wanted to do with each of the books, to having to implement those great ideas…(and perhaps at times thinking, “Crap! Why did I have such a great idea!) Keaton’s book has been sent to the printers and has been printed off and we were able to test run all the binding equipment in the Publication Center. Only 248 more to go!! It was nice to see that yes, we can pull off all of our great ideas! It helps to have such a creative and passionate team, and a great leader!

Aside from working on Keaton’s book and the Finalists books, it is time to pull the public reading together. It should be great, and I can’t wait to show off all of our hard work to our SLCC community!

Public Reading

May 1, 2014 5-7 pm

Cultural Commons, 1st floor, Academic & Administration Building

Taylorsville-Redwood campus


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Karla, Publicity Team

Start your engines! We’re down to 5 weeks of class left and… I’m not panicking but.. Aaaahhh!! This is the fun part ­čÖé Class was different before because it was more planning and saying ‘This is what we should do, maybe this way or that way’ but now it’s “We have to get this, that, oh and THIS┬ádone!” It’s been fun working with both Kat’s. They’ve been panicking since day one because our plan isn’t laid out, it’s kind of funny. I just sit there and listen to them vent with Mrs. Howe. But, that’s what is so interesting about this class. Mrs. Howe trusts us and lets us do our own thing, learn our own way. We had our goal laid out to us since day one, publish these books! Get them out there so that people want to read them! And I think that’s why them Kat’s are yowling a bit.

Seeing as how this is our first time, and none of us are marketing majors (that I know of) all we can do is try our best. We have a great team, great teacher, great support system, and great manuscripts! I’ve had a lot of fun listening to the Editing team, seeing the Design Team’s work, and working on our own Publicity team. I haven’t panicked because, well, I’m not sure I know how. But, I’m definitely getting more and more excited about our reading (May 1st! There will be food!) These books are our babies and, like every mother, I’m happy to see them grow but sad to see them go.

Public Reading May 1st at the Student Event Center 5:00-7:00 pm, be there!

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We Learn More About Publishing:

It’s harder than it looks. But maybe also easier. I don’t know. It probably depends on the book and the publisher. There are a lot of variables. That’s another thing that we learned.

This week, we broke into teams to begin the process of editing, formatting, and designing small-run editions of the three runners up in the SLCC 2014 Chapbook contest. Hi-jinks ensued, etc.

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